Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Noah Van Sciver covers Power Pack 23

Original cover by John Bogdanove and Bob Wiacek; Marvel 1986. Noah Van Sciver's website is here.


  1. That's funny; I just read an interview with Noah the other day in which he said he'd like to do a Power Pack one shot:


  2. The best thing about this blog for me is imagining the comic on the 7-Eleven spinner rack and wondering, "Should I buy that?"

    Power Pack 23 with a Noah cover...I'd buy that!

  3. Kinda makes me wanna cover it myself. Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Whoa! I wish a super hero company would give me a chance! They're all scared.

  5. Your brother can't pull any strings for you?

    Let's just all publish our own comics starring Marvel and DC characters, and then after the Big Two sue us we can just ride that wave of free publicity...after we fork over the settlement money.

  6. Ethan can't pull any strings. He has his own career to work on.
    And I'm still a nobody. Plus, I'm not sure if super hero readers would be very open to my style of drawing. I could be wrong though.