Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jon Adams covers Batman 8

Original cover by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson; DC 1941. Jon Adams's website is here.


  1. Holy creepy uncle overtones, Batman!

  2. Hey Jon,
    were you inspired by the Flash #220?

    I love that Robin is shocked by his death in the comic book he is reading.

    Excellent cover...made me laugh and well-executed.

  3. Thanks, Anthony. That Flash cover is great (and what a great site, too), but my only inspiration was the original Batman cover, which looked to me like they were a singular two-headed man.

  4. I love it!
    Your cover made me realize that the original cover is really disturbing too.

  5. They should'a totally done a story arc where Batman went schizo after Robin got killed and then changed his costume to be part Robin's with a Robin dummy-head sewn onto it. THAT would've ruled. It would have looked like this cover.