Monday, October 4, 2010

Jeff Potter and Wheeler Hall cover Marvel Two-in-One 98

Original cover by Ed Hannigan and John Byrne; Marvel 1983. Jeff Potter's website is here and Wheeler Hall's website is here.


  1. A perfectly captured slack-jaw.....
    This would have mad a great cover for BLIP...
    anyone remember that comic?

  2. What was this comic about?

  3. @Anthony and Eric - Thanks for the compliments.

    @Chris - #98 Synopsis: Franklin Richards and his Uncle Ben spend a lot of quality time at the video arcade. Of course, Ben always loses to young Franklin, who is a video game master.

    When a video game designer shows up at the Baxter Building looking for the help of Reed Richards, Ben invites him in hoping to pick up some tips for beating his nephew. Unfortunately, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing finds the enemies in this new video game turn out to be all too real.

  4. I looked at this and thought it was amazing... then I noticed who it was by!! You guys really outdid yourselves here!!