Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jimmy Wallin covers Four Color 173

Original cover is by Paul Norris; Dell 1947. Jimmy Wallin's website is here.


  1. Tintin Goes To Mars! LOL I love this!

  2. Jimmy, I love it. If I saw this on the stand, I'd buy it sight unseen. Very pleasing to the eyes.

    p.s. to the curious:
    Jimmy just did a panel of MOOMIN over at the http://repaneled.blogspot.com/

    Check it out if you are so inclined!

  3. Thank you everybody. This is just a quick one but I had a blast working on it.

  4. Love the coffee cup stain! :) Sweet!

    /Bastu dags? ;)

  5. This is a really well done piece. Looks like two kids playing pretend in the backyard.
    I think it works much better without the coffee stain. That's something that has been a bit overdone and the work is good enough to not need it.