Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patrick Fillion covers Alpha Flight 6

Original cover by John Byrne; Marvel 1984.


  1. It's beautifully drawn, and I get that it is its own thing, but it sadly captures none of what makes the original a great cover.

  2. Beautifully drawn....and I just realized that Snowbird's costume reminds me quite a bit of DC's Dove character.

    I wonder if John Byrne was inspired by that Daredevil cover in which he's surrounded by white and screaming about the unbearable noise?

  3. Really Really nice drawing of Snowbird but I think you should have left out the photoshopped background and made it just a stark white.

  4. Hi Eric, Anthony and Anonymous...

    Thanks so much for the kind words regarding my take on this amazing John Byrne classic. I really did this cover as a "Thank you" to Byrne for his beautiful work and to show my deep appreciation of Snowbird as a character. So rather than re-create his cover, I thought I'd whip up a little image of Snowbird "after" her big battle with Kolomaq. LOL! But now I think that you guys have inspired me to do a variant version of the cover, in which Snowbird is solo on the stark white backdrop!:D

    Big thanks to you Robert for posting my cover. It's a pleasure seeing it here.

  5. I really like your "cover." Well done!

    (also, please lets us know when you post your variant. I'd like to see how it works!)

  6. some serious liberties here

  7. omg is this THE patrick fillion??? holy crap!
    and yeah freakin awesome re-imagining.love bryne and love this. snowbird is fierce!


  8. Patrick. I just found this. Did they do a reprint release? cuz that would be awsome.
    I have been a fan of YOUR work since DAY ONE.
    Cheers mate,
    Derek Mc