Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jim Rugg covers Tales to Demolish 3

Original cover by Eric Haven; Sparkplug Comics 2003. Jim Rugg's website is here.


  1. I MUST pick up Tales to Demolish at San Diego this summer. I'm amazed at how many great looking comics I still have to discover.

  2. Anthony Vukojevich:
    Holy Moley! This is so great. I love it! Nice drawing and inking.
    I like that Jim picked such an obscure comic.
    For a minute I thought the cover version was the original...just put in the wrong order.

    p.s.- Mr. Rugg, I checked out your website and have to say that your ROM drawing was also fantastic.

  3. DAMN! This is such an awesome contest and this is an even more awesome comic to cover. I just read it a couple months ago and now I must find more Tales To Demolish because it is fantastic. Nice work making it more "comic booky" too!

  4. Uh, I guess contest wasn't the right word. I meant it's a great thingy to do. Good on ya for starting it Robert.

  5. I found Tales to Demolish #2 at a comic store a couple of nights ago and read it this morning and its pretty great. I definitely want to find the other 2 issues.