Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paul Karasik covers Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen 98

Original cover by Curt Swan and George Klein; DC 1966. Paul Karasik's website is here.


  1. Man, this one is not getting enough love. It is pretty incredible! Try breaking an image down and drawing it like that, not easy. Great way to blow the options open on this "covered" idea!

  2. What trips me out about this is how it makes me consider the original. At first, it exposes how Curt Swan creates an illustion of depth but creating clear levels of foreground, middleground and background that are stacked on each other. However, because no element of the cover (like the rock/stage that Jimmy is on) goes from one level to another, it feels very staged, like
    a diorama. It's as if you took one step to either side of the cover, it would expose that none of this is real but actually images mounted to foam core. It's odd that a technique used to create depth almost does the opposite. Perhaps it both creates depth and flattens it simultaneously.


    Thanks Paul.