Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anthony Vukojevich covers The Man Who Loved Breasts

Original cover by Robert Goodin; 2008 Top Shelf Productions. Anthony Vukojevich's website is here.


  1. The title should have been changed to The Man Who Loved Breakfasts.

  2. I should have thought of this one. Great homage to the man Anthony!

  3. I like 'em both a lot! (Though I've got to say I miss the breasts actually resting on the counter, on the second. It always amuses me when I see that. Great work still..!)

  4. I was teasing Anthony when he sent this to me that it takes a lot of cajones to show a guy up on his own blog.

    Maybe I should try Anthony's Clint Flicker comic...

  5. Callen,
    I totally agree with you about the counter preference. I had it planned that way and then forgot when I went with the not-very-natural size. Live and learn. I always thought that Robert had the sugar pile in there as an innuendo...so I decided to make the whole breakfast and the cigarettes and everything slightly Freudian.
    As for the title suggestion by anonymous...that is a really funny comment.