Monday, July 19, 2010

Anthony Vukojevich covers Amazing World of DC Comics 17

Original cover by Alan Weiss;; DC 1978. Anthony Vukojevich's website is here.


  1. I think i might start saying SHAZAM! everytime a woman sits on my lap and plays with my beard.

    It's a better alternative to giggedy!

  2. Ha! Great "Lust" statue. (You've gotta click and enlarge these things, folks, to thoroughly enjoy them.)

  3. You, sir, have made my day. Lust, envy, stalagmites, crevices, lightning, robes rising: Everything a "Covered" cover should be.

    The best part for me is Mary's disgusted look as she flies away from the geriatric perv, who continues to ogle her as she tries to get farther away from him.

  4. Thanks. San Diego Comic-Con is just a few days away...should be fun (been going since 1981...I wish I'd taken pictures back then).

    This cover always freaked me out...The hyper-musculaturity of the characters was such a deviation from C.C. Beck's clean-line drawings of
    Captain marvel. The creepy sexuality was also at odds with the wholesome Marvel Family. So I thought, why not do a version of this in the style of an old Humorama or Playboy cartoon?

    p.s.- Did you know that Elvis based his costume on Captain Marvel Jr's outfit? It was his favorite character.

  5. Captain Marvel thinks this is all good fun.