Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Josh Bayer covers Mr. Monster's Super Duper Special 4

Original cover by Jack Cole; Eclipse 1986. Cover reprinted from True Crime Comics, Magazine Village 1947. Josh Bayer's website is here.


  1. Whoa, this one is pretty bad ass. Click for the larger version and pour over it.

  2. thanks hey now theres three comments

  3. yeah a belter!

    I love the gangster 'couple's climax

    ecstatic! violent! sexual! bowel spilling!

    this and Kerry Callans dry/sly hollow 'SexintheCity' take really make it worth the visit.

    Also some of the orig covers need a mention.

    Jack Cole is pretty shit hot and that Planet cover by Joe Doolin is/was beautiful. Never heard of him before so the links in the comments to a little 'net gold was special.

    As for Marvels original Pope, I think I've said all I want to say, maybe it was a wacky read in relation to all the guff Marvel produced at the time. But I bet if read now it would be the dullest stupidest piece shit they did that year.

    I remember their 'hunchback of Notre Dame' 'literature classic' adaption. Two weeks pocket money blown on that tedious waste of paper and ink.

  4. I have a hard time getting over how wrong the perspective is on the hand/gun. If the artist couldn't alter the perspective of the gun to match it being held in a different hand and angle he probably just should have redrawn it in the same perspective as the original.

  5. ! sounds serious, what am i trying to be, Rob Leifield?