Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paul Maybury covers Daredevil 114

Original cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins; Marvel 1974. Paul Maybury's website is here.


  1. That Gil Kane cover is perfect, as usual, but I LOVE your version, Paul. The title figures are my favorite.

  2. It's like swamp monster/water monster week at Covered. I love Paul's linework....just amazing and lush.
    Composition-wise, the artists this week have stuck to very straight-forward interpretations.
    Sometimes that can be a lot of fun for the artist but not as intriguing to the viewer.

    Again, though, I'm digging Paul's art.

  3. I prefer your version to the original. Great work!

  4. Man-Thing:
    "Spare some change? I gotta catch a bus to the Nexus of Realities!"