Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rusty Shackles covers Jonah Hex 5

Original cover by Tim Bradstreet; DC 2006. Rusty Shackles's website is here.


  1. He's got crazy eye!

  2. Rusty, you really amped up the anger on Hex's face, nice take,maybe the original is too subtle....,well done

  3. thanks Craig! actually the genesis of this was hoping the movie would have a bit more spaghetti western feel...but that could be fan entitlement talking. and the style of the MGM dvd releases of Leone's films really struck me as something that would fit a Hex picture.

  4. You're welcome Rusty,
    I see what you mean now, a Hex/Leone-Western hybrid approach would most certainly be more interesting than the flick they put out....

    Which ever franchise, why can't hollywood just trust such fan-inspired ideas/notions? I keep these sorts of criticisms in mind as I draft my first major script for a Graphic Novel, not so much in the way of, I'm-trying-to please-everybody, more in the sense of putting together a narrative that isnt the same-old-same-old.

    It bewilders me how far special effects have come in film,and even techniques in drawing comics too, yet so much of it is FORGETTABLE.

    Speaking of comic and film or inspired by film, check out my work posted on this blog after yours!

    Keep in touch. Be cool, stay warm.

  5. in regards to the special effects and how it applies to graphic art as well as film, technique goes further for me in both forms of art. being the unrepentantly massive HK film nerd that I am, I think Jackie Chan exemplifies this. His HK films are made for 1/5th of the budget and with no special effects (until very recently), but his hollywood films are...well, best not to think about.

    good chatting with you craig, LOVE your work!