Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Masheka Wood covers Sensation Comics 109

Original cover by Murphy Anderson; DC 1952. Masheka Wood's website is here.


  1. Both are brilliant, just brilliant. ah those old comic covers...the illicit promise of so much, very rarely did they deliver...but they promised with style.

    Just noticed the old ones hand is waaay out of proportion...ha ha...such stoopid fun.

    I love the new ones googly eyed arrow waver. Looks like an angry pipe fitter.

    Masheka you should find the original story and go all the way and do your own version for def!

  2. Great tribute to the Undergrounds! :-)

  3. Wow...that's great! Funny how each has it's own personality.

  4. I wish Hollywood's remakes were this excellent!