Friday, March 16, 2012

Cory Thomas covers Archie and Me 13

Original cover artist is unknown (can any Archie fans help me out?); Archie Comics 1967. Cory Thomas's website is here.


  1. The art style certainly looks like Al Hartley.

  2. Thanks Duy. Anyone else want to take a stab at the original cover artist? I'm afraid I don't know my Al Hartleys from my Dan DeCarlos from my Harry Luceys.

    1. It's got the Hartley Betty and Veronica face, and he's pretty much the only one who drew Betty in pigtails. Also, he tended to draw pants so they ended a couple of inches above the shoes.

      Um, that's all i got...

  3. It was probably Joe Edwards. Al Hartley didn't join Archie Comics until 1967, and the 2/67 cover date indicates a publication date of 12/66. Also, Edwards was the primary artist on Archie and Me at the time, according to the GCD.