Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ian Norris covers Superman 1

Original cover by Joe Shuster; DC 1939. Ian Norris's website is here.


  1. Hi Rob, thanks for featuring me, but this is the incorrect cover!
    The actual cover is here:

  2. Gah! Apologies! This is what happens when I work on Covered and I'm too tired. I grab the wrong cover from my folder of Covers. In this case it was Roborock's Superman 1 cover from 2010. Sheesh! At least I didn't accidently post some weird porn.

  3. Looks cool...and very shocking to see the new trunkless, super-seamed version of Supes on this classic cover! The seams almost give it a stained glass quality! Great job, Ian!

  4. Thanks Mark! I'm getting used to the new Supes, never thought I would!

  5. Nice cover

    It would appear wearing ones pants inside ones trousers is progress. It's worrying that it took them so long to figure it out.

    Having said that I'm old fashioned and do like the red pants look :p

  6. I'm sure the red pants will return in a massive storyline in the future - Superman and The Return of The Red Pants.