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Robert Goodin covers Andy Panda 17

Original cover artist is unknown; Dell 1953. Robert Goodin's website is here.

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Sean Hartter covers Batman

Original cover by Jiro Kuwata; Shōnen Gahōsha 1966. Sean Hartter's website is here. (I was unable to figure out which issue of Batman this was. Can anybody help me out?)

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Like Minded Sites

I don't usually break the format of Covered, but I thought I would make an exception to mention some other sites that are similar to Covered that you might enjoy:

Repaneled: This is frequent Covered collaborator Anthony Vukojevich's blog that does to comic panels that Covered does to covers.

Cornered does this same idea, but this time with those corner boxes that have the star(s) of the comic in them.

Rejected by Covered: Have you sent a cover to this blog only to have it rejected? This is the blog for you. Josh Blair and JB Sapienza are posting anything that has not quite made it on Covered, so if you have have had that sting of rejection, send your cover here and have it find new life.

Do you have any favorites that I didn't mention? Go ahead and post them in the comments section.

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James Duncan covers Beetle Bailey 25

Original cover artist is unknown; Dell 1960. James Duncan's website is here.

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Patt Kelley covers Wolverine 57

Original cover is by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green; Marvel 1988. Patt Kelley's website is here. Patt's original is available here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

François Vigneault covers Catwoman 46

Original cover is by Adam Hughes; DC 2005. François Vigneault's website is here and his original art is available here.