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Blogger Sucks

A few months ago Blogger switched me over to their new design format and it sucked, so I switched back.  Now they have forced me to switch and succeeded in taking something very simple and making it a mess.  This blog is about as straightforward as can be, but with this new layout, even doing that is beyond me.  I just can't get the pictures where they need to be.  Maybe I can figure this out tonight and can get things back to normal.  If not maybe I'll be moving it to Wordpress or find some other option.

Anybody out in Internetland know how I can place two pictures of the same height next to each other on the left of the page?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marc Basile covers Avengers 2

Original cover by Jack Kirby and the inker is disputed; Marvel 1963. Marc Basile's website is here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peter Maggs covers Doctor Strange 80

Original cover by Aleret Carlson; Marvel 1986. Peter Maggs's website is here.

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Contest Reminder

I wanted to remind everyone about the contest that the DC Chess Collection is having. The deadline is Saturday so get your entries in fast. Remember, you can use a DC comic that has already been posted on this site, so you have nothing to lose! More info about the contest can be found here.