Friday, May 29, 2009

Johnny Ryan covers Real Deal 3

Original cover by Lawrence Hubbard; Real Deal Productions 1994. Johnny Ryan's website is here.


  1. spittin' image, yet I actually dig Johnny Ryan's font a lot more.

    nice work!

  2. This cover captures the harsh reality of Bus Terminals.
    I dig it...especially their cutesy eyes.
    If I was smacked on the head, I'd close both eyes. That dude is tough.
    Why did you change the time on the guy's watch?
    Also, there used to be a fast food joint in Pasadena that had those little tv's attached to the chairs. A quarter per 15 minutes I think.

  3. For more info on Real Deal, check this out:

    If anyone is going to MoCCA and wouldn't mind picking up some copies of this comic for me, I would very much appreciate it and obviously pay for them and the shipping.

  4. The right man for the "gowddawn" job! Whooo-ha!

    I'd love to jump in on that MoCCA offer (i.e. have someone nice get some of those for me), but my paper fonds are shortened!

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