Monday, December 7, 2009

Anthony Vukojevich covers Bizarre Adventures 31

Original cover by Joe Jusko; Marvel 1982. Anthony Vukojevich's website is here.


  1. Joe, you just made my day and I'm guessing Anthony's as well.

  2. wow this is just incredible! The OG is one of my favorite comics of all time!

  3. Looking at this all these years later I realize how much she has one of those accidental resemblances to Michelle Pfeiffer. I had my mother pose holding open her raincoat. Without the weapons or hot dress, of course! lol

  4. If the internet was around back in 1982 I think Joe would have been hailed as one of the more popular cover artists. I really loved your covers, Joe. I was 13 when this issue came out and I copied it about three or four times in colored pencil. I bought anything with a Jusko cover. I also liked Norem and Larkin covers. This was a fantastic issue of BIZ ADV with art by Bissette, Byrne, Miller, etc...
    It did make my day to have you comment on my cover version. I wasn't trying to be clever with it...just pay tribute in my style.
    If you comic fans see this issue anywhere, pick it up. I still have my original without the cover. I cut it off and taped it to my wall where it remained all through high school.

  5. by the way....
    funny comment about your mom posing.
    I see the Pfeiffer resemblance but did know her movies back then.
    She did an early one with Jeff Goldblum, I think.

  6. Grease 2, right?

    Congratulations to you both!

  7. Grease is the word!

    But Grease 2....?
    My Dad (being from a small village in Croatia) had only seen 3 movies since coming to America in 1963. He loved Dr. Zhivago but didn't see another film until a double feature of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Popeye.
    He liked Popeye. Maybe a year later we dragged him to see Grease 2.
    That was the last movie he ever saw. It was that bad...
    But Kudos to Steve for remembering Pfeiffer in that flick...I'd suppressed that memory.

  8. Actully Pfeiffer and Goldblum were in John Landis's INTO THE NIGHT together.