Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kat Roberts covers The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1

Original cover by Kevin O'Neill; America's Best Comics, 2000. Kat Roberts's website is here.


  1. At first I thought that the Invisible Man just plain wasn't there. And then... oh hells yeah. You go, girl. Background portraits (ones I didn't know you were doing already)-- I see Gandalf the Grey, Moby Dick, Vonnegut's asshole, Ignatius P. Reilly, and behind the statue of Ophelia (?) is that a reference to Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga stories?

  2. ha! thanks, george! glad you appreciate the cock sock.
    the last one you were referring to is actually a nod to tom robbins' "jitterbug perfume". never read the rootabaga stories. will have to seek them out.

  3. Beautiful! This cover was made to be covered by you. It totally caters to your obsession with detail.

    Also, thanks for making Flea a part of the team.