Friday, December 10, 2010

Ben Cohen covers Crackajack Funnies 36

Original cover by Frank Thomas; Whitman 1942. Ben Cohen's website is here.


  1. Oh my god! He killed Conan O'Brien! You bastard!

  2. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The cover is also the prize inside!

  3. Perhaps a different choice of color for the foreground copy could have made this a bit more interesting. It juts out at you and obscures the background to render both as competing objects for the eye.

  4. @Anonymous: The Owl is a bad mother.

    @Malachi, Jimmy & Paulo: Thanks.

    @Cap'n: I debated greatly with that. I kept the color to sell the Crackerjack box feel. This was the solution (and opertunity to do something smart[ass]) to what is really a terrible design problem. Presented with the the schizophrenic typography, that table and an overall awkward layout. Frank of course was working under much greater constraints than I. I have never produced perfection. And perfection is a skinned knee. Thanks, for taking the time to critique. It is how we grow.