Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Victor Cayro covers Brats Bizarre 1

Original cover by Duke Mighten; Marvel 1994. Victor Cayro's website is here.


  1. all hail Victor Cayro . cruel Iron fisted strong man of the comics wasteland

  2. Love Victor's art big fan but this is to similar to the original- thumbs down.

    If you going to do something in your style then pick some crappy mainstream comic cover and do it in your style. When you do something similar to your style its boring.

  3. Everybody's a critic, even portugese designer Pauly A. Pizzaria! I feel somewhat squashed by the thumbs down, smeared--was that a patented "P.A.P. Smear" ?

    Buh Dum-PISH!

    Well, admittedly you might be onto something, I did indeed follow the color scheme of the original, and applied it a bit all too similarly in light/values/reflective/shadow-wise although I thought some of the details I added were pretty spicy, the thumb cuffs, the green veins, inclusion of the checkered contortionist's right leg that meets at the supporting sole of the Red demon woman's foot, the red demon woman pinching the nipple of the cloven hoofed emo goatboy who is also pinching one of his own nipples, then there's the african american character's hand extending two fingers toward's demon gal's Cigarette implying that he too wants to have a puff, also, interestingly enough he also has a pig snout at the end of a straw like stem, also high-water bellbottoms on the knife wielding/butt clutching white skinned soulless sociopath character, details that weren't a part of the original cover illustration, you know, the stuff that yawns are made of.

    Big fan man, do me a favor, the most constructive criticism you can give me is in the form of sending me a personal check, or dumping a much needed load of digital dollars into my gf's paypal account. Commission me to draw something not boring, or I won't accept the allegation that you're my fan. Talk is cheap


    Victor Cayro

  4. You tell 'im! To my mind it doesn't really look like your usual, hyper-detailed style...still scary as fuck, though.