Thursday, July 7, 2011

John Douglas covers Miracleman 1

Original cover by Alan Davis and Garry Leach; Eclipse 1985. John Douglas's website is here.


  1. My God, it's full of stars! Very nice.

  2. I don't know, styles are too similar for this to be really interesting. Don't get me wrong, John's a great artist but I like these better when the artists reinterpret something that is not so close to their own style. I'd rather see john do Archie or Mickey Mouse in this style.

  3. I agree with Peter Bangs. It's a fantastic piece, but doesn't add anything.

  4. Oh yeah....Archie would be great.
    Or maybe a Love and Rockets cover?

  5. Thanks for the kind words and input, everyone! :-)

    I **DO** have plans running very similar to what Peter and others have mentioned for my next submission to Covered (and Re-Paneled, Anthony ;-). Not Mickey Mouse or Archie, per se, but definitely a different style adaptation. Stay tuned!

    Thanks, again! :-)