Monday, February 6, 2012

Ben Perkins covers Animal Man 34

Original cover by Brian Bolland; DC 1991. Ben Perkins's website is here.


  1. I actually like some stuff on Ben's personal blog, but I'm really not feeling this piece.

    Frankly, I think for the past while Rejected by Covered has been posting more consistently great work than Covered.

  2. Thanks for the plug Anonymous commenter!

    FWIW: I really dig Ben's cover. His costume design is waaaay better than the original (love the goggles!). It gives Animal Man sort of an '80s New Wave Punk look.

  3. I totally agree with my anonymous mate up there. It's worth nothing that Rejected By... runs way fewer covers, though. Still a shame that most of those were rejected. Especially when so many of those that make it are samey crayon sketches and such.

  4. I really dig the nose and the scowl. Top notch both.