Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Matt Kindt covers WIld Dog 1

Original cover by Terry Beatty and Dick Giordano; DC 1987. Matt Kindt's website is here.


  1. What....beautiful....oh yeah...it's Matt.....of course it's nice. Love watercolor and inky brush...nothing better!

  2. Great line & colors-- and this version of the character looks a lot more fun. (The straps & pouches make me wonder what your makeover of a Rob Liefeld character would look like)

  3. That's a cracker right there...like the eyes esp. I note similar use of two gun reinterpretation to mine. I will be hiring Marvel/DC/Disney's lawyers. I've bought Superspy as a present twice for folk now n lent mine out lots...Its a surprise charmer with the ladees...as they had heard comics weren't just for kids from other blokes ...who then gave them a Punisher 'graphic novel'