Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogger Sucks

A few months ago Blogger switched me over to their new design format and it sucked, so I switched back.  Now they have forced me to switch and succeeded in taking something very simple and making it a mess.  This blog is about as straightforward as can be, but with this new layout, even doing that is beyond me.  I just can't get the pictures where they need to be.  Maybe I can figure this out tonight and can get things back to normal.  If not maybe I'll be moving it to Wordpress or find some other option.

Anybody out in Internetland know how I can place two pictures of the same height next to each other on the left of the page?


  1. Yeah, it is a little tricky to get two pictures next to each other.

    If you add them to the post and then switch to "HTML" view, you can delete the DIV markup between the two images, this should pull the images together.

  2. I tried working with HTML last night, using my previous posts as a guide, but it was tricky and I couldn't quite find the right things to delete. It took more trial and error then I had time for, but I'll keep at it tonight. I've also heard that it works better if you use Google's browser, so I might have to switch to that for posting on Covered.

  3. yeah i hate how they have tried to "simplify" it yet I find it way more confusing! If you really cant get it to work maybe photoshop the images into one document so you can upload the two covers as a single image?

  4. Thanks Greg, that did help a bit. It's still pretty trial and error, but I think I may get the hang of it. I can't figure out what Blogger / Google is thinking with this, but I think I can adapt by editing the HTML.

    Alejandro - Yeah, Tumblr might have been a good idea. I don't know if I was that familiar with it when I started this blog, but I'm over 3 years in at this point. I'd like to not mess with it too much. It's nice that you can click on the Jack Kirby tag and see 61 covers of his that people have done in that time.

    Hopefully something will post that makes sense tomorrow. Sorry everyone and thanks for the help.

    1. I recently moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I couldn't take Blogger's poor formatting and editing features any longer. I'm not a fan of viewing pages on Tmblr either.

  5. I briefly looked in to switching to Wordpress today. Did it take you a while to make the transition? Could you bring over all the old content with tags? There are 1300 people following this blog and I would hate to lose them. I wish I had gone with Wordpress in hindsight. I still have a hard time figuring out why they would take something that wasn't perfect but worked and replaced it with something far worse.

  6. Looks like my tags carried over. You cans see the old Blogger site here: http://hardtravelinghero.blogspot.com/

    And the Wordpress version here:

    All you have to do to move to Wordpress is make an account, and somewhere in there, all you have to do is copy and paste your URL from Blogger and it'll move everything over. I haven't seen anything get lost in the transition. I think the one thing that sucks, and I'm not sure if this is throughout Wordpress, but just on the ArmzRace blog/site is that comments seem to close after a year.

    With Blogger, I would write my posts in Google Docs and then C&P them into the text editor, add photos (which never really went where I wanted them) and then would publish. If I would go back to edit anything and then update, it would blank out all the text. They are booth Google products yet are incompatible. WTF, right? My two main reasons for moving to Wordpress, plus the ArmzRace moved to Wordpress a few years ago.

  7. I just don't know why they keep "improving" things. Just when you get used to a new "improvement" they change something somewhere else -- Microsoftitis. Now they have a new interface to create new posts. What the hell was wrong with the OLD interface? Now you have a couple of more steps to do something that used to be one step and easy.

    They have a great-looking new set of templates for your blog, where you can look at it like a mosaic, or a newspaper etc. Trouble is, YOU can't specify which look you want -- the reader specifies the look THEY want, so you have no control over it. Also, all the normal clickables: New Post, Design etc. just disappear. You can't find them any more. Thank God i don't need my blog to have to do anything complicated, like you're trying to do -- it's maddening enough trying to resize an embedded video or even a photo -- too large and it juts over the edge of the column. Too small and it's well, too small. Click to enlarge and now you have a nasty black background.

    Why don't these people just LEAVE THINGS ALONE when they've finally got things right? Good luck. Love your blog.

  8. What REALLY sucks is some of the ¨artists¨ featured on this site. My 5 year old could do better...Some are good but most suck.

  9. I'm always interested in new stuff, especially from really good 5 year olds. Have Hobgoblin Jr. whip something up and send it to covered@gmx.com.

  10. Every day seems to reveal yet another new way Blogger's been screwed up. Pages not opening when clicked is the latest. Worst of all, I can't even get into the sites' html because the new design template moves me to a blank page. Like yours, my sites are all reliant on images. I'm just going to have to resize my pics on Wordpress and then copy them on a Blogger post. I've been paying ten bucks p.a. for a site and can't just get up and migrate.

  11. Blogger does suck, I've been wrestling to get a couple images in and it either won't load them, moves them around, basically anything except what a WYSIWYG would predictably derive.