Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paul Sizer covers Spider-Woman 1

Original cover by Joe Sinnott; Marvel 1978. Paul Sizer's website is here.


  1. I love it! Great design and color!

    (Although I wouldn't have known what the black shapes were at the bottom, without the original reference.)

    (Still great though.)

  2. I would probably buy a whole series of this style of cover. Just for the cover. Awesome stuff, Paul.

  3. All-Star Spider-Woman? Great cover!

  4. Nice job, Paul. I love that original cover and the two versions which have appeared here. She looks nice and slinky.

    On another note to artists and fans of this blog. I picked up Ed Hannigan COVERED yesterday. Get it if you can.

    Here's a link about it:

    Ed's 58 and has MS...They've put together this awesome fundraising book with his Cloak and Dagger story roughs and cover roughs which he did for John Byrne and Jack Kirby, etc....
    Plus, There's commentary by various artists and editors and by Ed himself. I myself adored his Peter Parker covers around the time Cloak and Dagger first appeared. Check it's for a great cause.

  5. Thanks much for nice comments, all! Much appreciated.

    And yes, the perspective type is a slight nod to Chip Kidd and his ALL STAR re-designs.

  6. im digging the way this is designed. text works great and the illustration looks really nice too! great job.

  7. It looks even better in person.
    It's currently on display in our Covered exhibit at the Headspace Gallery inside Green Brain Comics until May 6th.

  8. Lovely work!!!! Both covers are amazing!

  9. Paul Shinn: good call on the all-star.

    as much as i adore the original, i just love this remake. well done!