Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aaron Renier covers Ewoks 1

Original cover attributed to Warren Kremer; Marvel 1985. Aaron Renier's website is here and you can purchase the original here.


  1. Wow, this is inspired! Great work Aaron.

  2. I saw the original at Secret Headquarters and really like it! I'm going to go look at it again. When does that show come down? Are these all for sale??

  3. I'm glad you asked, Mr. Weissman! We currently have top name brands at discount prices! Just follow the link below Aaron's delightful cover. Some prints are as low as 10 bucks! Nuts! Don't even get me started on the talent on display that could be yours for a small sum. It's like the Armory show, but online and a lot cheaper.

  4. Seeing this one in person was exciting. Aaron's linework and colors are so beautiful. This is just such a nice cover.
    I think it does feel inspired. All of Aaron's work is just brimming with fun and energy and talent and life. My Yub Nub's off to you, Mr. Renier.

    That's a really nice and disturbing corner box!