Monday, March 22, 2010

Joy Kolitsky covers What If? 16

Original cover by Gary Kwapisz; Marvel 1990. Joy Kolitsky's website is here and you can purchase the original here.


  1. I love the expression on Conan's face, and Wolverines little feet, and the lettering, and the colours.
    Fantastic all around.

    I also own that comic, and it's good fun.
    Not as good as when Spider-man teamed up with Red Sonja, but pretty good.

  2. How can anyone argue with what Crom says? I also love this cover.
    The background and lettering are so delicate. It feels like they're fighting it out in an Italian landscape. The less-saturated colors really make it appealing. I also like the look of the Watcher in the corner-box. This is a very unxpected choice from Joy (and that makes it all the more interesting). I missed this issue when it came must've been right when I quit reading (mainstream) comics for a few years. Wolverine wins, right?

  3. If I remember correctly Conan beats Wolverine, and tries to cut his head off, but can't get through the adamantium skeleton.
    Wolverine recovers but his brain was without oxygen for so long that he's an inhuman beast, and in this state he beats Conan.

    These days that simple story would require a mediocre mini-series to tell it.

  4. crom is close. Conan breaks a magic sword across Wolverine's neck, knocking him out and making him feral. Wolverine tracks Conan down and cuts off his hand -- then Conan is magicked away to the future, just as Jean Grey is going Phoenix. The last word said in the universe is "Crom!"

    There was also a one-page piece in the back called "What if Wolverine Really Met Conan" which showed them getting drunk in a tavern.