Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dustin Harbin covers Richie Rich 141

Original cover by Warren Kremer; Harvey Comics 1976. Dustin Harbin's website is here and you can purchase the original here.


  1. Ha! You took the "poor" little rich boy seriously! Nice art too!

  2. He cries because he has such massively thick ankles that not even money can fix.

  3. Wow...another cover of Warren Kremer!
    I dig your cover, Dustin. It looked great (gold paint) in person at the show. I never liked Richie when I was young because he was rich and I wasn't.

  4. Anthony I TOO was confused by the richness thing, as a poor person who to this day has a huge chip on his shoulder around wealthy people. But there's something STILL so weirdly compelling about the world of this comic to me. While none of the stories are particularly GOOD now as an adult, the way they work together somehow still works. Crazy! Plus the art is often extremely amazing.

    That's not gold paint! All the color is Copic markers--that yellow is like some fluorescent color whose name I forget--super dense, almost like gouache.