Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ben Zmith and Sara Witty cover Ghost Rider / Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance 5

Original cover by Adam Kubert; Marvel 1992. Ben Zmith's website is here and Sara Witty's website is here.


  1. This is awesome! Venom seems more menacing in his smaller form, like all of the evil is more condensed. Plus I'd be afraid of him biting my ankles and that's so much scarier than monster giants.

    I like the tunnel, and the depth in the colors, and the flames coming out of the skull.... AWESOME.

  2. Oh, really, really lovely. I want to read your version of the story now!

  3. That was a great storyline, lots of really cool characters.

  4. Good job, you guys!
    I love how Ghost Rider turned out, and, it makes me somehow very happy seeing Venom looking a bit like an evil "Is".