Tuesday, June 29, 2010

David King covers Starman El Libertario 119

Original cover believed to be by Agustín Gómez Díaz; Editora Cinco 1981. David King's website is here.


  1. perfect....although she looks like she could kick their butts.

  2. The actual title is "Starman El Libertario".
    The cover artist could be Agustín Gómez Díaz. He did most of covers of the series according to Modesto Vásquez, one of the creators with Rafael Navarro. The rest of the creative team was formed by Waldo Miró (scripting) and Arnulfo Mora (inside art).

  3. I fixed the title. Can anyone else confirm elamigolucho's suspicion on cover artist or better yet, provide some sort of web reference?

    I would by David's version in a second. In fact, I wish I could so I could see what the interior would be.

    Apologies to David and Dan Bru for publishing both of their covers at the same time. It was a mistake that I sometimes make.

  4. http://serge-em.deviantart.com/art/Starman-El-Libertario-108145893?offset=10

    Here's a cool Starman re-do on Deviantart. It says the comic is from the 70s/80s. It's weird how after doing some searches lots of people seem to know about the series but it's hard to find anything very specific.

  5. Wow! Both covers look amazing!
    Weird and goofy stuff.

  6. Starman El Libertario is a mexican comics published by Cinco. Maybe you could find some clues on these covers blogged here : http://www.itsdeadlicious.com/2007/07/starman-el-libertario.html

    1. It was a Mexican comic but editions in Colombia were published by Editora Cinco.

  7. Lizardy owl guys that have to wear diapers are going to subject that woman to Satanic torture via tentacle. In a garden.

    Today used to suck, but now it rules. Forever.

  8. I've taken the info from a book by Modesto Vázquez called "La Historiética". He was referring to the creative team responsible of the whole series so there is a good chance it was Agustín Gómez Díaz.
    I looked for the actual issue in my collection and found it!
    It was originally published by Editora Ra-Ca-Na in march 11th 1981, but that's the mexican edition. The one you feature here is from the South American edition printed in Colombia by Editora Cinco. I can't confirm that it was published on the same date but it was released shortly after that because they were very coordinated. There is no info about the cover artist on the actual comic-book.

    Starman was published weekly, every Wednesday. It started in 1978 and lasted until the mid-eighties. It featured Starman, a hero powered by the sun. The bad guy was Moloch, an evil dictator that ruled Earth.
    The best thing about the comic was Starman's sidekick, Gatónico. It's a robot shaped like a sphere that resembles a cat. It makes no sense and it's great.

  9. Is my translation close to the original? It occurred to me later that 'tolerate' might have been funnier than 'resist'

  10. It's saying "let's see if you can resist THIS satanic torture". But your version is great.

    I sent so much time clearing up the original cover artist issue that I forgot to say "good job".

  11. I updated the credit info to what you have found Elamigolucho. Thanks a ton for the effort. I've come across some other covers of this comic and it looks delightfully nutty.

  12. Here's a ton of them! That guy has posted tons of South American comic book covers.

    Thanks for the kind words on my cover everybody.

  13. The thing is the verb RESIST doesn't translate exactly into RESISTIR. A better word could have been SOPORTAR (which doesn't translate actually into SUPPORT).